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Dossier shows Bolsonaro’s attacks against public transparency and access to environmental data

Fifth report in the Bolsonaro Dossier series reveals a deliberate government policy to conceal environmental and land data in

Report shows how Bolsonaro delegated corporate mining to MDB while promoting illegal miners

Fourth report in the Bolsonaro Dossier series shows that areas invaded in Munduruku and Yanomami lands have tripled since

Representatives of Brazilian environmental agencies met more than 700 times with agribusiness and mining companies

The Bolsonaro Dossier series direct interference in environmental agencies by leaders of the Agricultura Parliamentary Front and companies that

Report details the allotment of agrarian reform in Brazil and its electoral use by Jair Bolsonaro’s allies

De Olho nos Ruralistas mapped the political appointments in the agency and the capitalization of Titula Brasil, which releases

New report shows president Bolsonaro used phytosanitary barriers to benefit political allies

During his administration, Jair Bolsonaro favored banana producers from Ribeira Valley, the region where he grew up and where

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